Vim Statusline Generator

The easy way to create your Vim statusline

While I should have been writing my dissertation, procrastination has led me to this: my weekend project is complete. The vanilla Vim statusline generator is here. It was developed using pure JavaScript, with layout help from Bootstrap 4.

View the generator here: Vim Statusline Generator.

In it's current state it has the ability to add different options as described in my statusline post here, such as the modification flag, short/long filename, line number, and more. I've also added some vimscript functions such as getting the current Git branch of the focussed buffer, the mode (normal/insert/visual), and the current time. I also thought it made sense to include some separators to allow for a bit more personalisation, and different colour choices.

If anyone has any comments or improvements, such as new flags to add that I missed, I'd appreciate feedback - email me at tom (at)